Thinking to put together a page with content that will include

Why We Give

Some links to teaching on Giving? Sermons? Or write-ups

What We Do with the Offering (who will benefit from it)?

Mention some other causes we support besides operational costs? maybe a video of missions we support? outreach programs? BM?

Special One Off Funds (fund-raising)

In support of any special time-based projects (IJM that Youth did etc)

How we can give to IC@MK

For those in Malaysia

  • Cash in the Offering Plate

  • Local Cheques made out to : International Church @ Mont Kiara

  • Local Direct Bank-in: RHB Bank (Account : 21444600042988)

For those eligible for US Tax Deductibles

The International Church at Mont Kiara is utilizing a ministry in the US called ‘IBCM’ that assists international churches in offerings by US taxpayers. You can use this service by any of the following :
  • Write a check made payable to ‘IBCM’ with IC@MK in the memo line and mail to IBCM, PO Box 833276, Richardson, TX 75083-3276

  • Bank bill pay service. Use your bank’s bill pay service and have them send a check payable to IBCM and IC@MK as the account name.

  • Online giving at This will incur a PayPal charge

  • Credit card : Call Karen at 1 214 868 6596

If you need clarification on any of the above, you can contact us at