Purpose Statement

To connect men with a supportive network of believers to grow in faith and to seek God. To equip men through bible study in a small group setting where prayer support and friendships can be forged. We want to empower men to impact their home, workplace and communities for the glory and for the kingdom of God.

Experience Life

No man is an island, especially in a foreign land. Life is not meant to be lived alone but in a community. The Ironmen group organizes social outings and sporting events like squash, golf, hiking and soccer.

Connect with others

The Ironmen group help you connect with other believers to help you develop lasting friendships and bring you closer to the Lord. You can grow spiritually while at the same time help others to grow along with you and to develop your character to be a better leader at home and in the workplace.

Ministry and service

Join Men’s ministry to help the community and various charities.

Meeting Times and Contact

Bible Study Groups meet on weekdays at 6:30 am at various locations

Tuesdays – Mont Kiara
Thursdays- PJ (SS2)
Fridays – PJ (Village Park)

Contact person and email

Contact Person: Michael