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We are searching for a new senior pastor for IC@MK
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About This Position

International Church @ Mont Kiara (IC@MK) is seeking a new Senior Pastor to begin serving in full-time capacity in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as soon as is possible. This position is qualified in the biblical role of elder with a primary responsibility in preaching.

Our preaching and teaching are very gospel-driven as we believe that the mission of the local church is to point both disciples and seekers to Jesus Christ as their ultimate hope and salvation. If you have pastoral experience, especially in a cross-cultural or international context, and a conviction and calling to preach gospel-centred, Word-based, expository sermons to edify disciples and reach non-believers, we invite you to find out more about IC@MK and the job description.

Scroll down to read more about IC@MK, its Mission Statement and Statement of Beliefs, and the application process.

International Church @ Mont Kiara

IC@MK is a gospel-driven, English-speaking international church which was planted in September 2011 in Mont Kiara, a densely-populated suburb near the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  God planted the church initially from a small group of parents and teachers from an international school in Mont Kiara under the leadership of the founding pastor.  The burden God placed on their hearts to pray for a church was driven by an obvious lack of an English-speaking church in the area at that time, despite there being a large, relatively transient expatriate community with people from all over the world residing in the condominiums of Mont Kiara.  Initially, and to this day, IC@MK is one of a small number of evangelical, gospel-centred churches in the community which remains unreached and/or unchurched to a large extent.

By God’s grace, the church has grown to a consistent weekly attendance of approximately 250 – 300 regular attenders pre-covid. God has blessed IC@MK with a wonderful diversity which foreshadows Rev. 7:9-10 with a relatively large base of longer-term, Malaysian Christians and a more transient expat community of Christians from over 25 countries.  We are all sinners saved, unified, sanctified, and given purpose by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our mission statement seeks to challenge us to live this out as follows, “IC@MK is a Bible-based, multi-cultural community of Christ-followers, equipping and encouraging believers to make disciples of all nations.”  

IC@MK is elder-led and congregationally governed with each covenant member joined together in committing to follow Jesus, the Bible, and our church covenant and constitution.  The elders have always sought to maintain a strong focus on prayer as well as preaching and teaching from the Word of God so that the gospel of Jesus Christ transforms our heads, our hearts, and our hands to live out the gospel with joy.  Although it has been a challenge through the pandemic, God has sovereignly sustained the various ministries of the church which include missions; music; community groups; men’s, women’s, and young adults’ groups; and youth and children’s ministries.  As you would expect, missions is a focus area and approximately 20% of our annual budget is dedicated to this area. God has also blessed us with a vibrant deacons’ ministry that models Jesus’ servant heart by serving the church through benevolence, hospitality, and many other needs in the church.

IC@MK is currently praying and working with a team to plant a church in another part of Kuala Lumpur.

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    Interested in applying?

    Please read and review our Statement of Beliefs thoroughly and be willing to affirm your agreement and willingness to teach in alignment before proceeding with the application form.  Please note that short-listed candidates will be provided a copy of our Constitution, which includes the Church Covenant, to review and agree with.

    Pastor Job Description

    Step 1: Read through the Senior Pastor job description and affirm its responsibilities.

    Statement of Beliefs

    Step 2: Affirm all of IC@MK’s statement of beliefs and key doctrines before applying.

    Submit Application Form

    Step 3: Click on the form link below to fill in your personal and ministry details to apply.

    Recommending a Candidate?

    For members and attendees interested to recommend a candidate for the Senior Pastor position, we welcome you to do so by visiting and submitting this form to us. We would appreciate hearing your thoughts behind this recommendation. We will reach out to your recommended candidate should he be fitting to our listed application criteria.

    Thank you for your interest in IC@MK! We pray that the Lord will use this opportunity to glorify His name amongst the community at Mont Kiara and beyond. We look forward to connecting with you.