missionsWhat is mission all about?

IC@MK places a strong emphasis on obeying the Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all the nations… teaching them to observe all that the Lord Jesus commanded” (Matthew 28:19-20).

We believe that missions is far from being an ‘optional’ ministry in the church. Rather it lies at the core of being Christ followers. Simply put, missions involve aligning ourselves with God’s heart of gathering people from every nation, tribe and language to Himself.

Poster_2It is clear from 2 Cor 5:18-20 that having reconciled us to Himself through Christ, God makes us ambassadors for Christ. Therefore we encourage every church member to take part in missions.

How? Reach out to friends, neighbours, colleagues and others in our community. We are not to be “ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation…” (Romans 1:16)

Pray that the Holy Spirit be at work in and through us so that God’s kingdom will expand into every region of the world.

It is possible for the most obscure person in a church, with a heart right toward God, to exercise as much power for the evangelization of the world, as it is for those who stand in the most prominent positions.” – John R. Mott

Give generously in support of partner mission agencies or other causes related to the building of God’s kingdom.

While not everyone is called to the missions field, every believer can support these missions through prayers.

I will venture to go down [the deep mine to win souls], but remember that you must hold the ropes.” -William Carey

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