Music Ministry

IC@MK believes that the main instrument in our services should be the voices of the congregation. Thus, the purpose of the music team is to help, encourage, and support the congregation in glorifying Jesus through singing.

We sing and use music in our services because:

God is worthy of our worship, and one way to worship God is to sing to him!

 (Psalm 66:4)

Scripture models and commands that we sing.

(Psalm 96)

One way that God’s people learn Scripture is through the lyrics of the worship songs that we sing.

(Colossians 3:16)

What does the Music Ministry do?

The role of the Music team is to lead the congregation in songs by:

Glorifying God and exalting Jesus Christ through singing

Thoughtfully combining biblical truth with music in order to build up the body of Christ

Modelling an attitude of reverence, joy, and gratitude, as expressed through our voices and body language

If you are interested in joining the Music Ministry (or the PowerPoint or Sound Teams), please email for more information.